What should I expect during cryotherapy treatment?

Prior to entering the chamber, you will be supplied with warm mittens and socks. You will stand in the Titan Cryo Cabin for 3 minutes while your whole body (with the exception of your head) is enveloped by pulsating hyper-cooled air (-220 F).

How often should I get whole body cryotherapy?

If you are in heavy training or rehab, 3- 4 times per week is recommended. Otherwise, a consistent regimen of twice per week is adequate to achieve and maintain optimal results.

What do I wear?

In addition to the provided mittens and socks, underwear, bras, swimsuits may be worn inside the chamber. All metal jewelry, including watches and rings must be removed prior to entering the chamber. Please refrain from applying synthetic perfumes/colognes prior to entering Valley Cryo. We strive to keep our environment pure so that your experience is natural and exhilarating.

Is Cryotherapy not recommended for certain people?

Cryotherapy is not recommended for pregnant women, recent acute MI, unstable angina pectoris, cardiac pacemaker, acute CVA, Raynaud’s Syndrome, uncontrolled hypertension, uncontrolled epilepsy, bleeding disorders, severe anemia. Clients should always receive clearance for whole body cryotherapy from their medical provider if they are in question of their medical status.

Why not just take an ice bath?

The effects of whole body cryotherapy are systematically different from those of an ice bath. Whole body cryotherapy is a completely dry process. The nitrogen never penetrates beneath your skin. Whole body cryotherapy constricts peripheral blood vessels and pulsates blood to your core, between your heart and lungs. In an ice bath, your body is submerged in frigid, icy water (which can never dip below freezing, as it will penetrate the skin, causing your heart to pump blood away from your lungs. With ice baths, you leave with sore muscles and less oxygenated blood. Whole body cryotherapy works in the opposite manner, oxygenating the blood and pumping to vital organs.